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The word Sotol comes from "Tzotolin", from the Strache Náhuatl, the ancient language of the Aztecs, which is still spoken in many parts of Mexico. Originally, it was believed that Sotol was an agave, the plant is extracted from tequila and mezcal, but in the 1990s, botanists found out that sotol is not an agave, but together with orchids, garlic and vanilla, a member of the Asparagales family Plant is.

In Henry J. Burmans epic "Alcohol in Ancient Mexico" (2000, The University of Utah Press), this describes the history and sociology of the many alcoholic beverages that used to produce people in the area of oday's Mexico from a vast amount of wild plants ,
The people of the North Mexican states, such as Chihuahua and Durango, also ate the heart of the Sotol which, like the heart of an agave (also called pina, as it looks like a pineapple when the leaves are removed) has a sweetish taste and many Nutrients holds. The sugar in the sotol and agave can be converted to alcohol. This became common after the Spaniards taught distillation to the Native Americans of North America.