Charlotte Charlie De Fevere Cocktail Workshop


Looking for an original activity among friends or teambuilding among colleagues? Learn how to shake cocktails yourself in the Gent Cultuurkapel, or on location. We offer formulas starting from 30 euros per person.

Join hands with friends, family or colleagues, roll up the sleeves and learn how to make cocktails. Everyone gets to use a professional set of bar equipment that will help you get started. The best part is that you can drink everything yourself!

Mixologist Charlotte Charlie De Fevere is leading the workshop. She won the Campari bartender 2015 and the Pineau the Charentes 2016 competitions. Above all, she is eager to pass on her passion for cocktails. 

Do you want to ensure your favorite cocktail is on the menu? Let us know and Charlotte will teach you the perfect preparation. If you leave the choice to her, expect daring combinations and surprising, tasty cocktails. How about a cocktail with basil, honey, lavender and mezcal?

Do you prefer not to drink? We provide you with worthy alcohol-free alternatives. You can also opt for a mix of non-alcoholic mocktails and alcoholic cocktails.

Don’t worry about memorizing the recipes, because you will take them home.

We welcome groups of up to 40 people to the Cultuurkapel; an exclusive location in the center of Gent. We also like come to you and provide all the necessary. Sessions last appr. From 1 to 2 hours. Cheers!

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