Tequila and other agave spirits are underestimated by the majority of the people. Tequila is known for drinking as a shot (with salt and lime) to get drunk quickly, or to mix in cocktails (like the world famous Margarita). But these are low-quality tequilas of mass production focused on quantity rather than quality.  There are so many much better tasting tequilas available.  There is no culture in agave sprits in Europe. Most businesses who sell tequila do not have the experience to change the bad reputation. 

Tequila was first introduced in the 16th century in Mexico as a sipping drink to be enjoyed among friends and family. Later, tequila gained popularity and become recognized as the national spirit of Mexico. Today, that same sipping spirit still thrives throughout Mexico and is quickly gaining popularity the world among people who appreciate true artisan tequila and agave spirits.