By Agave Selection


Agave spirits, such as tequila, mezcal and other types, have a growing popularity.

Looking for an original and enriching team activity that will introduce you the tradition, production process and mysticism of these wonderful Mexican spirits? Join this unique masterclass of Agave Selection!

For 2 hours we will take you on a trip to Mexico. You will discover the endless possibilities of the beautiful agave plant. With all your senses you will see / smell / taste what a quality tequila is. What ‘Mezcal’ means. From the North to the South of Mexico you learn the rich variety of spirits. Their typical flavors and unique production methods, grounded in tradition.

Whether you are an agave spirits lover or just curious to find out what these spirits have to offer, the Masterclass is a fantastic opportunity to learn from our experts in an intimate environment.

Surely, you will conclude with us agave spirits have everything to prove its popularity in the market! 

Our formulas start from 25 euro per person.

From 3 to maximum 6 varieties of spirits to taste. With or without Mexican-style catering.

Ask for our various formulas, to be customized according to your preferences.

Agave Selection is the first cooperative company in Europe that aims at positioning agave spirits as high quality products that should be treated with the same respect as other quality spirits. Our mission is to serve as ‘a bridge to discover the spirits of Mexico’. We are based in Gent, but operate throughout Belgium / Europe.